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SAP Identity Management Overview

SAP Identity Management (SAP IDM) enables you to centrally manage user accounts and authorizations for both SAP and non-SAP systems. An IDM system’s objectives are: a more secure application environment, lower costs, a higher efficiency and productivity. SAP IDM gives the IT manager the tools to be able to effectively control the access to critical business information.

SAP Identity Management Overview

SAP Identity Management is low operational cost and high productivity tool. With a self-service functionality of password, it reduces separation of duties and manages access to applications. Creating a self-dependency it empowers to follow each and every task related to access and you never again need to rely on benefit for resetting passwords.

Managing compliance as per specific laws and act is one of the advantages wherein it becomes easy to follow who had access to which applications when. Trading with the life cycle of a user in a complex environment is another advantage of identity management avoiding the security risk; minimize destruction of separation of duties and managing the process centrally.

Why SAP IDM important for your organization?

SAP IDM has a direct connection with the security and productivity of an organization. Companies don’t just utilize IDM to protect their resources, but also to enhance the productivity of the business. The primary capability in the IDM system reduces the quality and cost of the core processes. In addition, SAP IDM provides central directed access control to assure the security rules of the organization. The following is a list of the main advantages.

·         Conform to the regulations

The government has been maintaining that identity management is a necessity for organizations for years. Over the last decade, the responsibility for the security of customer and employee information and the fraud risks within and outside the organizations is shifting increasingly towards the organization.

·         Effective device management

IDM offer the ability to manage the numerous ‘endpoints’ of the network, the devices including laptops, PDA’s and mobile phones. Many of these devices are not provided by or are not the property of the organizations to which they require access. By managing the identities of the users of these devices security policies be enforced. This is must-have security for the world of apps.

·         Increased access and easy to use

An IDM system can expand the availability to your systems without the need to destroy the security. Controlled Identity &Access Management can possibly give expanded access to outsiders, expanding efficiency and user satisfaction.

·         Less password hassle and so reduced help desk cost

One of the biggest cost savings that are listed by suppliers and analysts seem to be trivial at first glance: automating password resets. Yet there are people who believe that half of all helpdesk calls are related to password problems.

·         Improved access management, lower audit costs

The implementation of an IDM system forces organizations to determine what their confirmation strategies are, thus who has access to what data. A good identity management, therefore, means better control of user access and this thus leads to less risk of abuse by internal and external parties.

·         In control due to better insights, higher quality of security information

An IDM system can also expand the level of consistence by providing organizations with the tools to implement security rules into the procedure. With all the data about access rights in the IDM, it can be determined, basically by reading the reports, how ‘in control’ the organization is.

·         Mobility organisation

When regulation is increasingly requiring controls for the issuing and withdrawing of digital IDs and access rights, the risk that changes in the organization requires too much time and attention in order to continue to function effectively exists. This can apply to large-scale organizational changes or ad hoc hiring concerning calamities.

·         Lower license costs

A well-known phenomenon in larger organizations is that the analysis of access to systems shows that there are a number unnecessary access rights. Access for employees that have left the organization; get to rights to unused systems, rights to few applications that all have approximately identical capacities, etc.

Features and Function of SAP Identity Management

·         Offering business-driven identity management. Once a central mechanism is inbuilt in your organization by efficiently managing the user with multiple application an organization can enjoy greater benefits.

·         Various audit reports can be generated on the basis of current access and past events. The process exhibits transparency maintaining access rights for a user and administrative permission.

·         Effectively maintain segregation of duties and stop violation of company rules and policies.

·         The cost incurred on service desk can be minimized as tool work on self-service principle and assist in password reset or lost the password. Even the tool possesses the ability to update personal information.

·         Enabling access to users on the basis of roles and giving privileges rather than technical directory structure.

·         The tool is not very costly creating high profitability avoiding security risk and violation of any strategies.

·         Helps in maintaining life cycle of a user and provoke any unauthorized access.

·         The tool saves time and resources by enabling users to update their profile once with a simple password to log on.

·         With a unified view of the virtual identity of users, it integrates and leverage information in terms of identity and access rights across networks.

·         Rule-driven work process and approval process.

·         Improved data consistency and reduce complexity managing different environments.

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